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( and all unseen came into sight )

. . . I saw my star tonight.

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Rosie-Posie Bumbleroot of Fair Downs
17 July 1989
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and it came clear that the light years are here and lost EpicStarShine
Name: Cara
Birthday: July 17th, 1989
Age: 23
Sign: Cancer
Email: papillonverre@gmail.com
AIM: BlackMageZizi
Current iTunes Total: 12827 songs, 33.8 days, 63.62 GB
Icons: keeggy
Stylesheet: refuted
Online: vdex, poupeegirl
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101010, 42, adnlldh, ancient world history, anime, archers, art, atlus, avatar, baccano, ballet, banana bread, band, batman, bells, big o, birds, bob joe the hobo, butterflies, cartoons, chaos, cheese!, chinese food, clow reed, cookies, cowboy bebop, darker than black, data, deadman wonderland, dictionaries, digimon, disgruntled postmen, disney, doctor who, douglas adams, drawing, earthbound, edgar allan poe, eriol, face painting, fantasy, film noir, final fantasy, fortune cookies, fradey, gandalf, general tso's chicken, george clooney, george harrison, ghost stories, glasses, gundam wing, h. p. lovecraft, harrison ford, hats, ice cream, indiana jones, it's a wonderful world, jack frost, john lennon, johnny depp, jun, justice league, katamari damacy, ken ichijouji, kingdom hearts, kitties, l. frank baum, languages, last exile, lau, le petit prince, leonard nimoy, let's positive thinking, lots of music, louis armstrong, macaroni and cheese, macintosh, marvin the paranoid android, mimes, monty python, mystery, mythology, names starting with z, nazca, neia_7, non-death, orchids, original characters, ouran host club, owls, patrick stewart, paul mccartney, persona, phone booths, pippie trippie the hippie, please save my earth, quatre, racing beds, reizo's slim hips, ringo starr, ristorante paradiso, robin williams, rolo, sarcasm, sculpting, sean connery, secondhand lions, sega, serial experiments lain, shadow puppets, shin megami tensei, silly walks, sleep, smiles, snoopy, snow, sore wa himitsu desu, squirrels, star trek, stars, stephen king, stickman, super smash brothers, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, tetris, the almighty pickle pals, the brothers o'toole, the cask of amontillado, the flying spaghetti monster, the funky flute, the holy cheese gawd, the journeyman project, the land of oz, the scarlet pimpernel, the slayers, tulpa, typing of the dead, umbrellas, video games, vw, wario, what dreams may come, william shatner, wolf's rain, world domination, writing, xelloss, yoko ono, you

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